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Just a nice day walking around the lagoon in my pretty baby blue dress with no panties.  Of course as I’ve said before I love a chance to pose and show off my long legs and killer body.  If you enjoy seeing me pose and stroke then don’t waste another moment and join my website JonelleBrooks.com now.





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Transsexual Starlet Jonelle Brooks while in L.A on her publicity and shooting tour had the great opportunity to shoot with Dave Naz for his Trans Project and upcoming book.   Capitalizing on his credibility in the progressive arts scene, Mr. Naz’s latest project seeks to raise awareness and tolerance towards transsexuals by featuring thoughtful interviews with prominent Transgender women discussing their lives’ experience.  Jonelle who has been in a long term relationship for many years is able to speak on her experience as a country girl transitioning and about her relationship which has survived her transition and porn career.  Currently Jonelle is in LA shooting for producers like Joey Silvera and mega companies such as SMC Productions.  To check out other Interviews for the Trans project go to http://davenaz.org/trans/.


Fans can check out her Cam4 Super Show schedules at http://www.cam4.com/super_shows and join her website  www.jonellebrooks.com for hardcore and solo scenes.


Jonelle Brooks gave an open and interesting interview for my Documentary. She has great confidence, a sultry face and a body that belongs on a runway. This made for some great photos for the book.” says Dave.











I love Bob and he loves my cock, well at least I think he does.  I imagine this hard bodied stud having his ass oiled up as I grind all over it and make him move his ass around as I tease it with my large shecock.  Do you know anyone like Bob?  Imagine it’s your ass Im humping!  ENJOY my site HERE

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Being a Florida gal I love to soak up some rays and show off my body!  Here are some previews from a shoot I did  at a Daytona Beach!  If you love seeing me in glamour photo’s then check out my Official website, HERE






















Mercery County Free Press ran a story about Michele Brooks PA. Rep. (R) District 17 who is running for District 50th Senate State seat.  As of May 4th the Brooks technical team had not properly launched her election website.  According to The Daily News writer AW Allen “Due to the usual Internet search mal-functions Brooks voters, searching for her new website, fails to attract those using search engines to find her.  Instead, many find Michelle Brooks, a porn star, who appears to have a number of searches which result in graphic videos on a number of free sites.  In an even more ironic twist of fate, the name Michelle Michaels and Jonelle Brooks also appear in the same descriptive of a page that depicts a she-male with a hard male body part. And from a search point of view, this tends to pull up links to these sites when one looks for Michele Brooks election site.”  For the full article go here: http://mercercountyfreepress.com/?p=8561




As of today Michelle Brooks website ElectBrooks.com is now functioning and providing information for her campaign.




Transsexual Starlet Jonelle Brooks was alerted to the page and hopes that her fans in the area will show her support and check out her new URL  ErectBrooks.com.  ErectBrooks.com showcases her beautiful assets at full mast.  Jonelle has no political view on this race but encourages her fans in the district to go out and do their patriotic duty and VOTE!

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Living in Florida allows me to soak up the sun, enjoy nature and visit the beach.  As you know anytime I get a chance to get naked and let the sun worship my body, I DO!  My favorite man and I were out for a walk when I decided I had too much clothes on and it was a impromptu  photo shoot!  Maybe if you see me out walking on the beach you can tag along and fluff me as I prepare my dick for filming?  If you haven’t checked out my site lately then JOIN NOW and enjoy everything I have to offer!
















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